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Our Officers read these boards daily. Making a post about what you need will help us help you, but please be patient as getting the right people on at the same time is sometime difficult. Please talk to any Officer about any problems you have and we will try to work through them.

Mumble is the prefered way to communicate in NG, so please feel free to use Mumble so we can get to know each other better.We are also a community based guild so we would like to talk and visit with all of you.

We try to help everybody at every level but if we don't know where help is needed, it's hard to do.

 Look for these guild Officers to ask questions to:




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Change for Arche Age

by Hsage, 4 days ago

Hi Guys, Its been awhile since I have been on. Adjusting to my new job and morning the demise of Vanguard. For those of you still getting on this Web site, thanks for your loyalty to New Genesis, it was every thing Weebm and I could hope for.

 Weebm, Foxxy, and I are starting to play Arche Age along with a few others I have talked to. I welcome anybody else to join us on Inoch server to play, my toon is Townsage. Feel free to friend me.  Will be starting a New Genesis Guild up.

Over the next few weeks I will be changing the web site over to serve Arche Age. Come join us there, here or on mumble.


                                                                                                Thanks guys, Sage

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